1. Getting started with Roomle

  2. How do I draw walls? / How do I make rooms?

  3. How to draw a curved wall?

  4. How can I move a wall?

  5. How to add windows, doors, furniture and more?

  6. How can I change the furniture size and colour?

  7. How does undo / redo work?

  8. How can I change the Material of a wall?

  9. Shortcuts in Roomle

  10. What do the furniture buttons mean?

  11. How can I save my plan? / I cannot find the save button.

  12. How to place windows on a wall?

  13. How to hide/show the room measures?

  14. How to change the measurements from centimetres to inches?

  15. How to change the ceiling height?

  16. How can I change the wall's length?

  17. How can I add/delete nodes?

  18. How can I change the wall's thickness?

  19. How can I lock a wall?

  20. How can I change wall colors?

  21. How can I change floor colors?

  22. How do I print the plan?

  23. How can I save a Roomle plan?

  24. How to use the Text tool?

  25. How can I change the positioning of objects in Roomle?

  26. How can I use the 3D view?

  27. How can I share a Roomle plan?

  28. How can I draw a garden?

  29. How to determine the object's exact position on a wall?

  30. How to put one object on top of another?

  31. How can I draw a balcony?

  32. How to embed Roomle plans into my website?

  33. How to manage my account?

  34. How to send a Roomle plan to friends, colleagues or clients?

  35. How to upload an image of your floor plan?

  36. How can I add a second floor?

  37. How to export an image of my Roomle plan?

  38. Roomle stops loading at 55%

  39. How to configure products in Roomle?

  40. 3D View Error: Not Enough Memory

  41. How to select multiple objects

  42. Web webGL not enabled, can not open plan

  43. Change email address

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