How to configure products in Roomle?

What does 'configurable products' mean?
Some objects in Roomle have no variations (e.g.: size, materials) - we refer to them as standard or non-configurable products. For example, the bench shown in the picture below has a fixed size with only one finish option - white; and nothing in this product can be configured or changed.  

However, more often than not, furniture products have many variations, such as texture and finish, dimensions and orientation, different types of handles, armrests, legs and other elements. For example, let's look at the FW Cabinet, one of the Fantoni's configurable products. On the right side we can see the parameters that we can change: the height, the width, the surface, the doors type and the number of shelves. If we have a separate non-configurable product for each possible variation, then we would end up with over 670 objects instead of having just one configurable product. 

Thus, it is much easier to use a configurator in such scenarios than to go through endless lists of items, that are essentially variations of the same product.

How can I use the configurator inside Roomle?
In order to open the configurator, you just need to click on the cube button:

If on its place you see an i-button
, this means that the product is non-configurable (or it is from the White Furniture Catalog). For more information on how to use the Property Inspector for standard products, please read the article How can I change the furniture size and colour?

Once you open the configurator, you will see the object alone in a 3D view. To rotate it, click and move it in any direction, or use your mouse scroll or your laptop's touched to zoom in and out. 

On the righthand side is the configurator menu with all the values that can be changed. Depending on each product specifications, those options can be different.  But all configurable products follow the same principal of how to add additional elements - extensions or add-ons. Select the element you wish to add and immediately one or more shadows will appear indicating the possible positions for where you can place this element. You can either drag and drop it or simply click on the element and then click again on any of the shadows:

For a more detailed step-by-step explanation of how to use the USM Haller configurator, please watch our video tutorial here

Other settings where you can use the Roomle configurator.
It is possible that you come across our configurator embedded into a website or an online shop. In those cases, you might have further options, for example to directly purchase your configured item online. This is also how the USM Haller configurator is implemented by the German online retailer Design Bestseller ( 


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