How to add windows, doors, furniture and more?

Use the Roomle catalogs to add furniture, home appliances and other objects to furnish and complete your interior and exterior plans. To open the catalogs:
1) Use a shortcut: simply click on 'c' and the catalog menu will open
2) Click on the catalog button in the right end of the screen
3) Every time you click on a wall or on the floor, a furniture icon appears

The Roomle catalog menu consists of three main parts:
- The first catalog includes the essential objects for every plan: windows, doors, stairs, etc.
- The second is the White Furniture Catalog - it consists of standard furniture pieces
- The third catalog includes the products of several furniture brands - more are coming soon!

To open the different catalogs click on the icons on the left side of the menu. You can also search for a specific item. 

Select the items and choose how many you wish to add. To include them into your plan click on 'Insert objects' or you can drag and drop each object separately:

Once you have the objects in your plan, you can rotate them and move them to different rooms.
An important feature is 'Snap Furniture' - when this feature is used, all the furniture will be automatically sticked to a wall. This function makes it much easier to arrange book shelves, kitchen cupboards, mirrors, etc. You can turn this function on / off in the Settings: 

You can also watch our video tutorial 'Furnish your apartment with Roomle' 


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