Getting started with Roomle

Welcome to Roomle!

This short tutorial will give you a brief overview of how to start working with Roomle and easily create unlimited number of floor plans.

The first step is to sign up on - don't worry, it is free to use and there are no hidden costs. Once your registration is complete, you can login into your account and start creating floor plans. 

Click on 'Create new Plan' and the new project will appear as shown in the picture above. Enter the name of your plan and click on it to open and start working.

When you open a new plan, the starting page looks like a blank canvas:  

On the bottom you will find the toolbar. Here is a short description of the different functions:

Besides the toolbar, there are three other buttons:
- On the left end of the page you will find the Feedback button: please use it to let us know if you have any ideas  how we can improve our platform or if you're experiencing any problems when using Roomle.
- On the right end of the page you will see the Catalog Button: you can select furniture, home appliances and other objects to furnish and complete your interior and exterior plans. 
- On the top right corner is the Exit & Save button. Please note that all plans are saved automatically so you do not need to search for a save button!

Start drawing - on the blank canvas your cursor will appear as a circle:
- Double click to start drawing a wall
- Click once where the corner of the room should be and make the next wall
- Double click again to stop drawing

You can later enter the exact measurements of the walls, add more rooms or delete walls. For more detailed information please watch our video tutorial or read our other entries. 

Enjoy planning with Roomle! 



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