How to embed Roomle plans into my website?

Currently with Roomle you can embed your plans completely for free into your website or blog. Simply go to and login to your account. Open the plan you want to embed and then click on the 'Share Your Plan' button. 

Here you can easily copy the embed code which needs to be integrated into your website. You can choose from three options:
- Embed Preview
- Embed Roomle
- Embed Plan

Embed Preview
On your website the embedded Roomle Preview plan will be simply a 2D view picture of your project.
Once you move your cursor over it, you can click either on the 2D button or on the 'cat'-catalog button. If you click on the 2D button, you will open directly the plan in a new tab. And if you click on the 'cat'-button, you will again open the plan in a new tab, the only difference is that you will land directly on the catalog menu.

Once you're finished editing the plan, click on the 'X'-button and the following message will appear:

To save the plan you need to login or register - otherwise click on 'Discard Plan'. If you're already logged in, the plan will be automatically saved to your account.  

Embed Plan
The difference of using this option compared to the Embed Preview is that in this case your plans are interactive. This means that your visitors can edit them and use the 3D view while staying on your website.

Embed Roomle
You can also embed the Roomle application into your website. There are two options of what is viewed in the iframe:
- Blank Plan - your visitors can directly start drawing a new plan. Afterwards they will need to either login or register to save their plans. 
Dashboard - if a visitor is already registered and logged in, they will see their own Dashboard. 

Fro further questions and assistance on how to embed Roomle plans into your website, contact us at 


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