Product detail page

Every product in the Roomle catalog has a detailed page. It can be opened either by tapping on the product, if you are browsing through the catalog, or by tapping on the three red dots next to perspective image, if you are coming from a plan.

At the product detail page you can find further information about the item. On the right side you have the functionalities possible for this product:
- Save the item to your favourites, just tap on the heart.
- Add it to a Roomle plan.
- View this product in your room with augmented reality function.
- Configure the item. Some furniture can be configured from material changes to creating complex compositions. 
- Details - see the description of the product, materials information and size. 

If this item is available in one of our partner furniture shops, you will see a 'Shop now' button.  At the moment we have partners in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and US. 

Below is the 'Similar products' section where you can look for the same type of products. In the 'Perfect fit' you will find items that can be combined with this product in a set. For example, table and chairs or bed a nightstand.  At the bottom you will see other offers form our partner shops that are similar this product. You can further filter the results by price, color and size. 

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